3 years is up?

A: Some employers and organizations require that you upgrade each year or every 2 years. If this is the case and it is a company policy, you must follow the request and upgrade. 

A: You can update or re-certify your Red Cross certificate any time within the 3 years (start date of course must be 1 day before your current card expires) It is a one day re-certification and is valid for 3 years.

A: If your Red Cross First Aid/CPR certificate has not expired, you can re-certify(1 time) instead of taking the full length course.  If your certification has expired, you must take the full course again.

* eg.  full course (valid for 3 years). Re-cert course (valid for 3 years). The next course you can take will have to be a full course. You can only re-certify once in between full courses. Manuals and standards are reviewed & updated every 5 years. 

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A: You can always be certified by any provider if you take the full course. WSIB regulates and monitors each approved company. WSIB states that no First Aid company can re-certify another First Aid certificate, unless it is the CPR portion only. 

A: It all depends on what you need it for. If it is a work place requirement, you should inquire what level your employer requires. you can ask yourself a series of questions; 

Is it a workplace requirement? Is it for general interest? Do I need to learn CPR/First aid for adults only? or do I need to learn CPR/First aid for adults, children & infants? Is my current certificate valid or expired? 

* You can call me if you are still unsure and I can help.

A: Upon successful completion of all requirements, your Red Cross certificate is valid for 3 years.